AT MENU - lightweight, high energy, just add water, fast easy cooking:

Coffee (week supply = 1/3 of Tasters Choice 4 oz jar (1.3 oz)
2 pkgs instant oatmeal
4 TBSP Protein & cocoa mix
(1 pkt Swiss Miss + 2 heapg Tbsp Naturade daily)
pre-Mix equal parts Swiss Mix cocoa (~3 Tbsp/pkt) and Naturade milk & Egg Protein powder (or equiv). One week requires a 1 qt ZL bag of mix weighing approx 15 oz. Serv: mix w/ hot water.
Calories: Cocoa 120
  Protein 115
  Oatmeal 400
Total:   635












4 to 4.5 oz (about 1 cup of trail mix )
Trail mix : to each 1 lb box of Sunbelt Fruit & Nut Granola cereal add 1cup (6 oz)
  raisins and 10 oz cashews. I week requires a 1 gal ZL bag weighing ~ 2lbs
1 candy bar (Hersheys bar, Snickers, or similar.)
Hersheys has highest calorie to weight ratio.
1 Chocolate covered granola bar
Calories: Trail Mix 595
  Candy Bar 260
  Choc Granola Bar 200
Total:   1055









All lunch/snack items require no water or cooking and are suitable as meals where water is not available or in a situation where one cannot cook.




All meals can be made with just water. Olive oil substituted for butter and powder milk and your own seasonings will enhance them. Minimum simmer times will conserve fuel. For variety, choose from: Lipton Noodle & Sauce or Rice and Sauce mix packages, or Bens quick cooking Rice or Stove Top Stuffing. (1 meal = 1 pkg.) or Mashed Potatoes (1 meal = 3 srv) Dry gravy packs add flavor.

Cals avg: 700 - 1000 Each item repackaged in ZL bags to reduce weight.

NOTE: write down cooking instructions and pack with food.

Couscous may be used as a meal or filler for other meals. Many hikers love packaged macaroni & cheese or just plain macaroni. I carried extra potatoes (light) for emergency.

Support items: 4 fl oz Olive oil sub for butter in above; seasonings
  pwdr milk: 1.25 pkts = ~4 oz in zl bag

Daily Calories total: about 2400 Adequate daily salt is provided by evening meals

With luck, you'll find other foods to supplement your AT diet not too far off the trail.

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