From Happy Hill Shelter, Vermont (Near Hanover, NH)

8/16/00 entry
" I hate the woods. I am 13 and my mother had the great idea of taking me here. I HATE IT. I love the Internet, TV, and my cell phone. This place sucks and so do all the "through hiker" or whatever they are, they smell like hell and snore all night"


8/16/00 entry
"Man, that kid does not need to be out here, but the mother is a different story. She is hot. I tried hitting on her but the little brat wanted to leave. I almost had her staying the night. Oh well, there will be plenty of chicks in Hanover tonight. Yah babe Yah."
Tofu Fighter


8/19/00 entry
"I am a dog, a fat dog and this is my first real exercise I've had since last fall. The two humans I am running with are in great shape and I'm having a hard time keeping up. The male, an attractive 19 year old from Norwich has just bought a new pair of running shoes. New Balance. The female, an ugly loser from who knows where, is just tagging along to annoy us. Enjoy your stay, looks like we're off yonder"
signed with a paw print


8/19/00 entry
(nb: I met "Screamer" at Glencliff Hostel on 9/15-9/16/2000 - this entry fits.) .had an interesting encounter with Screamer at Moose Mountain as I saw him light a pile of leaves soaked with white gas. The ensuing fireball which erupted was truly a sight to behold, especially at 7 A.M."
Just Bob (GA-PA, ME-PA)


8/31/00 entry
"My happy feet are glad they got my happy ass to the happy hill shelter. Time to get to happy Hanover. Happy Hiking."
2nd Happy


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