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Al Free Spirit Robbins

Al Robbins fulfilled a lifelong dream and enjoyed the adventure of a lifetime when he hiked all 2,160 miles of the fabulous Appalachian Trail (AT). Camera and notepad in tow, Al backpacked and documented his entire journey between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine. Two fascinating journals document his 174-day, 14-state trek: A condensed online version with selected photographs and a nine-volume master set containing thousands of colorful photographs. Both contain summaries and daily details of the adventure.

Some of the fantastic scenery and a glint of his experiences on the trail are presented in a slide show - lecture format that can include display and discussion of his backpacking gear and techniques. The slide show(s) can be tailored to meet a group's time frame(s) and needs. A two-page handout describes the AT and summarizes the journey, briefly touching on some highlights. Some of the possible slide show formats: 133 slides presented in one hour (minimum) or more, depending on discussion time. 218 slides presented in two hours or more A series of shows timed to meet the needs of the audience. (e.g. three 45-minute shows

Questions are most welcome; topics generally include the trail and its shelters, wildlife and wildflowers, hike planning, gear (equipment) used, people and places along the trail, trail life, food, weather, hazards and adventures, or anything of interest. Time and space permitting, planning materials (maps, books, etc.), gear and trail food samples will be displayed and explained.

Al is willing to travel anywhere to present his slide show as long as expenses are adequately covered. Honorariums are welcome and a portion of them will be donated to AT maintaining organizations or the Appalachian Trail Council (ATC) to support the preservation and maintenance of the Appalachian Trail.

Al's online journal can be viewed at

For more information or to schedule a slide show contact Al Robbins at 570 465 2047 or